call off your dog

i get it

she’s your new lunch buddy

because you don’t have best friends, 


she’s a better person

but make her leave

this is where I am safe

make her leave

I dont want to see her face here

please og my god someone help

i am screaming

i dont want to do this anymore

make her leave

she follows your commands

so train your dog

get her off my scent

but don’t tell her what happened

call off your hound

make her leave

i just want…

a person to have a crush on me

to have a best friend

to be in love

to have someone be in love with me

to be confident

to stop cutting (myself down)

to stop being so depressed

and anxious

to sleep

to get rid of nightmares

to be a little kid again

for everything to be okay

to be normal

to be cute


what you have

and so much more (add on later)

being emotionally unstable is so much fun

I can’t tell you the joys of being “fine”

where you swear to everyone you are better

(but then you start cutting)

where you promise to do better to change

(but then stay up late at night crying and beating yourself up)

where you promise that you have friends who care

(but no one to text when things getg bad and you relapse)

I am supposed to be sleeping

but :) I :) am :) fine :)

I can’t let go
I can never let go
Whenever presented the option of doing so I cannot let myself do it
I can’t continue on like this though
Cutting helps
Scares away te gray with red
Red is your favorite color
Maybe was
I don’t know
Please help me
Please talk to me
Please be the person you were to me
Please allow me to be the person I was to you
Someone help me please